Are you being abused? You are not alone. You have options.

Call our 24-hour distress line for emergency assistance, support and shelter.

(506) 634-7570

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Our Services


We offer:

  • Complete confidentiality

  • Assistance in planning for the future

  • Information, referral and advocacy

  • Support and counselling

  • House meetings and individual counseling



Hestia House offers shelter, safety and support for abused women and their children in a secure setting.  Contact our 24-hour distress line that for support or to discuss your options.


Counselling is also an important part of the transition house experience.  Staff counselling helps women:

  • understand the nature of the abusive relationship

  • clearly see their own situation so they can make informed decision. 

The staff is there to provide a link to available community services.  The strength and tenacity of our clients in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, is truly remarkable.  Once believed, heard and validated; women start to make decisions.


We can help provide referrals to appropriate agencies based on your individual needs.  This may include legal, housing and financial assistance.